Lobe Sciences is a dedicated team of pioneering scientists, engineers, and physicians committed to investigating and developing treatments using alternative and nontraditional medicines for better brain health.


New Pathways Towards
Healing Brain Injuries.

Our Mission

Brain injuries in the U.S. currently have no treatment. Lobe wants to develop solutions.

We aim to identify and develop transformative new methods, medicines, and devices, to improve brain health and provide new pathways for treating brain injuries and neurological disorders.


Focused R&D.


Focused on the application of psychedelic medicines for mental health treatments. We are a R&D based company currently developing unique medicines and devices to treat mTBI and PTSD as well as other neurological disorders. We currently have 5 provisional patent applications, pre-clinical studies underway and a drug delivery device in engineering development.

We undertake the development of transformational medicines and devices to treat mental health disorders while building a growing a portfolio of intellectual property to protect our technologies.


Paving the Road
to Results.

The Focus

We use both Psilocybin and MDMA combined with NAC for the treatments of mTBI and PTSD and neurological conditions. Addition of compounds to create memory odor imprint pairing.

In addition, we have patent pending Medical Devices for the intra nasal delivery of therapeutics directly to the Olfactory Bulb. This is combined with Virtual Reality Headsets to improve response rates to therapy.

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